5th Grade Science


Monday, May 8th

What are the three main types of clouds? Use your Interactive Science Notebook to help with the worksheet.



Friday, MAY 5th

Finish the next story- Surviving Hurricane Sandy pgs 47-60  Complete the graphic organizer Quick Write/ Quick Draw and answer questions- If you were a survivor of Hurricane Sandy and wanted to help the community what would you do?  What do you remember about Hurricane Sandy? DUE MONDAY 5/8


Thursday, May 4th

Read the novel: I Survived True Stories- Extreme Weather! The Evil Swirling Darkness pgs 12-23 (If you did not read during the class assignment you must read for HW) Complete the graphic organizer Quick Write/ Quick Draw and answer questions- What was most exciting about the reading? According to pg 23 of the novel, what are ways to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of a tornado?  DUE FRIDAY 5/5


Wed, April 26th

Finish the in-class research Quick write/ Quick draw graphic organizer. All images and writing must be finished and turned in Thursday.  Check spelling and grammar.



************WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL****************************


Easter Break Assignment- Due Monday, April 24th

-Complete Weather and Climate Test -(Open Notebook- ISN)  NO EXCEPTIONS ALL MUST TURN IN.

Study Session

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