7th Grade Math


7th Grade Math

Wednesday, 6/7/17  HW #22

 Complete Env., p. 263 -264, #9, 12; p. 268-269, #4, 7, 12, 17; p. 271, # 6.  SHOW ALL WORK ON LOOSELEAF WITH A PROPER HEADING, PAGES AND NUMBERS LISTED. 

Tuesday, 6/6/17  HW #21

Complete Additional Practice 4.6 on Pearson Realize.

Friday, 6/2/17  HW #20  

Google Classroom.  Complete a reflection on your probability project.  Address all the questions posted on Google Classroom. Respond on looseleaf

Tuesday, 5/23/17  HW #19  Due Thursday, 5/25/17

Complete Env., p. 394-396, #4-13.

Thursday, 5/18/17  HW #18

ALL GROUPS:  Complete MidChapter Assessment, p. 379-380. To be collected tomorrow.
Complete Env., p. 387-390, #4 - 13 Due Monday, 5/22/17

Wednesday, 5/17/17 

Make up any incomplete math work.  

Tuesday, 5/16/17  HW #16

Mr. Michael:  Complete Mid-Chapter Checkpoint, p. 376-378.
Ms. Bartlett:  View Virtual Nerd and examples for 7.5, complete Env., p. 388-390, #4- 10, 14-15.

Monday, 5/15/17  HW #15

Mr. Michael:  Complete Env., p. 376- 378, #7-11
Mr. Bartlett:  Complete Mid Chapter Checkpoint, p. 379-380.

Friday, 5/12/17  HW #14

Mr. Michael:  Env. p. 371-372, will be graded  (Optional:   #12)
Ms. Bartlett:  Env., p. 378, #10-13

Wednesday, 5/10/17  HW #13

Complete Env. 7.3, p. 370 - 372  ALL PROBLEMS; Env. 7.4,  p. 374-378,
#1-12.  Show all work neatly in text.  
DUE FRIDAY, 5/12/17.

Tuesday, 5/9/17  #12

 Complete recommended lessons on  "Probability," Khan Academy.  I 
  Complete Spectrum 7 sheet, pg. 68.

Friday, 5/5/17  HW #11

Mr. Michael's Group:  Spectrum 7, Lesson 4.6, pg. 66-67.  Do your BEST to show all work in box provided.  Write answer in space provided.
Ms. Bartlett's Group:  Complete Envision, p. 364-366.  Make revisions and complete.

Monday, 5/1/17   HW #10

Complete corrections to Interest and Unit Rate worksheets.
Complete Test Prep 2  Google Classroom  on looseleaf organized into 8 folded boxes or on printed sheets.SHOW ALL WORK.  CALCULATIONS ON SEPARATE LABELED SHEET.

Friday, 4/28/17   HW #9 

Read and complete Env., p. 361-365, ALL PROBLEMS.  WILL BE COLLECTED & GRADED.

Thursday, 4/27/17   HW #8

Complete Env., p. 353; p. 358 , #1, 4-7; p. 359, #8-15.

Monday, 4/24/17 HW #7

Complete Test Prep.

Thursday, 4/13/17  SPRING BREAK

 Complete math packet and practice on Edulastic (use your google user and password).  OUR GOAL IS  1000 POINTS FOR THE CLASS AND 50 POINTS PER STUDENT.  The reward is time in the gym or a pizza party.Enjoy the break!

Wednesday, 4/12/17  HW #5

Complete Additional Practice for 4.8. 

Tuesday, 4/11/17  HW #4

Complete Env., p. 240-241.  SHOW ALL WORK NEATLY.

Monday, 4/10/17    HW #3

Complete Steck Vaugn worksheet "Solving Equations," p. 76 and 77.
Choose 5 problems from p. 76 and 5 problems from p. 77.   Solve & Check on looseleaf organized in folded boxes to receive FULL CREDIT. 

Wednesday, 4/5/17   HW #2

Complete Solving Equations(Vaughn), p. 79, #1-4(a-c)  SOLVE & CHECK ON LOOSELEAF AS MODELED.  

Friday, 3/31/17 

Ms. B's Group:  Complete examples #41 - 50 on looseleaf in folded boxes, from "Solving Equations."
Mr. Michael's Group: Complete assigned problems. Everyone is to show all work.

Thursday, 3/30/17  #30

Complete last nights worksheets for grading.SHOW ALL WORK.

Wednesday, 3/29/17  HW #30

Complete Solving Equations (Refresher), #1-28 NEATLY ON WORKSHEET OR LOOSELEAF IF NECESSARY.
 Complete Percents (Spectrum p. 50 ONLY), #1-15.

Tuesday, 3/28/17  HW #29

Complete math worksheet on Google Classroom.  SHOW ALL WORK.
 Also, if still incomplete, complete Env., p. 210-211, #7-13.  

Monday, 3/27/17   HW #28

Complete Env., p. 210 -211, #7-13.  If done,  review video for Lesson 4.4 and complete Env., p. 216-217, #4-14. Show all work, calculations SEPARATE.

Thursday, 3/23/17  HW #27

 Complete Spectrum Worksheet, p. 37.

Wednesday, 3/22/17   Hw #26

 Instructional Group (Monday):  Due  Env. p. 209-212.
 All Students:  Complete Spectrum 7, p. 44-45.  SHOW ALL WORK NEATLY IN WORK BOX.

Tuesday, 3/21/17

Instructional Group:  Khan Academy, "Expressions,"  link is on Google Classroom.
Independent Group:   Complete Env. p. 209-212.

Monday, 3/20/17  

Review 3.6 to finish quiz tomorrow on Simple Interest.  Review integer sheet.

Friday, 3/17/17  HW #24

Complete 3.6 Additional Practice Sheet & "2" integer worksheets.

Thursday, 3/16/17   HW #23

Complete 3.5 Additional Practice and problem solving worksheet.

Wednesday, 3/15/17   HW #22

Complete 3.4 Additional Practice.

Monday, 3/13/17  HW #20

Complete exercises on Khan Academy, link can be found on Google Classroom.
Also, complete Env., p. 199-206.

Friday, 3/10/17   HW #19

ALL STUDENTS:  Complete worksheet, "Algebra Translation," Spectrum7, p41.
Instruction Group:  Due Tuesday, Env., p. 199-206.

Thursday, 3/9/17   HW #18

Complete Env., p. 196-197, Try It; p. 198-199 ALL

Wednesday, 3/8/17  HW #17

Review video for lesson for Envision, 4.1.  Complete Try Its, p. 190, 191, and 
#4-14, p. 192-193.

Monday, 3/6/17        HW #16

 Complete TEST PREP PROJECT  on Googleclassroom.com.  Follow      instructions.  Class code:  n47jqn6.  Also, extra practice..."Percents to Decimals," GoogleClassroom, due Wednesday, 3/8/17.

Wednesday, 3/1/17  HW #15

Complete Env. p. 180-181.  Show all work.

Tuesday,   2/28/17   HW #14

Complete 4 word problems to determine "Percent of Error" on looseleaf organized in boxes.  One problem to a box.  Calculations in the adjacent box.

Monday, 2/27/17    HW #13

Complete Percent Quiz "REDO" started in class.  Show all work.  Calculations on a separate sheet labeled.
Complete 3.4 Additional Practice.  Show all work NEATLY.  Calculations on a separate sheet.  

Thursday, 2/23/17    HW #12

Complete Env., p. 176-177, #4-12; p. 178, #17-18

Wednesday, 2/22/17    HW #11

Complete Env. "Mid-Topic Assess," p. 155.  Show all work NEATLY in textbook.

Tuesday, 2/21/17   HW #10

 Complete Env., p. 170, #4-6; p. 171-172, #9-13.  SHOW ALL WORK IN NOTEBOOK. 

Friday, 2/17/17    HW #8

Complete Envision, p. 161-162, #7-20 (except 18)

Thursday, 2/16/17  HW #7

 Review Virtual Nerd video on Pearson for 3.4.  Complete Try Its, p. 158-159.
 Complete p. 160, #4-6.  

Tuesday, 2/14/17

Complete 6.1 worksheet.  Be prepared for a QUIZ tomorrow on Lessons 3.1 - 3.3

Monday, 2/13/17  HW #6

 Complete EngageNY, Mod 4, Lesson 3,
Problem Set, "Percents," (Last Page)

Friday, 2/10/17   HW #5

Complete Env., p. 152-153, #4-13.
Show all work.

Wednesday, 2/8/17   HW #4

Complete 3.2 Additional Practice, computer or worksheet.
Complete 3.1 Additional Practice WORKSHEET ONLY. Show all steps.
Keep calculations  on a separate sheet.

Tuesday, 2/7/17   HW #3

Complete Additional Practice 3.2 online or on worksheet by tomorrow.SHOW ALL WORK on paper.

Monday, 2/6/ 17       HW #2

Complete Envision, p. 147- 148 7-16 (except #12)

Friday, 2/3/17   HW #1  (3rd Qtr)

Complete Envision, p. 146, #4-6.  SHOW ALL WORK.

Friday, 1/27/17

 Notebook & Textbook check on Monday, 1/30.
Complete Percent Worksheet.
 Finish your mission on Khan Academy. 
 Study for Mid-term retake. 

Thursday, 1/26/17    HW #25

Complete Envision, p. 141-142 in PENCIL show all work.

Tuesday, 1/24/17       HW #24

Complete Envision, pg. 129-135.

Friday, 1/20/17             HW #23

 Complete all problems from Envision, p. 35 on looseleaf.
Show all work.  MATH MIDTERM MONDAY as well as essays for RELIGION MIDTERM.

Thursday, 1/19/17        HW #22

Choose 3 problems each from Lessons
2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 (9 questions in all).  Complete on looseaf.

Wednesday, 1/18/17   HW #21

Complete Spectrum 7, p. 55 Unit Rates.
Show all work.
Start with an equation.
Midterm Review:  Lessons 2.1-2.2

Tuesday, 1/19/17     HW #20

Complete Spectrum 7, p. 22 and Envision, p. 141, #4-8.
MIDTERM REVIEW:  Multiply and Divide Integers.

Monday, 1/9/17      HW #19

Complete Spectrum7, p. 20. "Addition & Subrtraction...Rational Numbers.

Thursday, 1/5/17      HW #18

Complete Envision, 119-120   SHOW ALL WORK.  NO PENS

Wednesday, 1/4/17     HW # 17

Complete Envision pg. 118 and 129.  Answer in complete sentences.  Show all work.

Tuesday, 1/3/17   HW #16

Complete Envision, p. 127-128.

Tuesday, 12/20/16      

Complete work for Unit 2 at www.pearsonrealize.com
DEADLINE 1/ 3/17. 

Thursday, 12/15/16    HW #15

 Prepare for assessment of Unit 2:  Lessons 2.1 - 2.4.  Use your textbook and www.pearsonrealize.com.

Wednesday, 12/14/16  HW #14

Complete Reteach 2.4 and 2.5.  Also, complete assignments for Unit 2 beginning with 2.5 at www.pearsonrealize.com.

Tuesday, 12/13/16    HW #13

Complete Envision, pg. 106, #4-6; p. 108, #17. www.pearsonrealize.com
2.7 Practice.

Friday, 12/ 9/16        HW #12

Complete Env., pg. 105; 106, #4-6; p. 107, #7,9,11,13.

Thursday, 12/ 8/16   HW #11

Complete Kuta ratio sheet (both sides)

Tuesday, 12/ 6/16   HW #10

 Complete Spectrum 7, p. 62-63, Constant of Proportionality.

Friday, 12/ 2/16       HW #9

 Complete Envision Reteach 2.1 - 2.3.

Thursday, 12/ 1/16    HW #8

Complete Spectrum 7, Ratio Sheets, p. 34-35.

Tuesday, 11/29/16     HW #7 

Complete Envision, p. 100-103,  complete any unanswered questions.
 Complete www.pearsonrealize.com work.

Monday, 11/28/16
HW #6

Complete Envision, p. 100, 101-102, #1-13 Only.  SHOW ALL WORK.
Quiz postponed till. Wednesday, 11/30/16.

Tuesday, 11/22/16
HW #5

Complete "Divisibility Worksheet" and "Fraction Worksheet" both sides.
Show all your work neatly. will be graded.  Also,  complete any unfinished computer work at www.pearsonrealize.com

Monday, 11/21/16        HW #4

 Group A: Complete Envision p. 94, 2-6; p. 95, 7,8,10, 12; p. 96, 14 on copied sheets. Start to prepare for quiz on Wednesday, 11/23/16.  
  Groups  B & C:  Complete PearsonRealize assignments or worksheets.

Thurday, 11/17/16
HW #3

Complete worksheet:
 Review Lesson 1.9.
Also, complete Pearson Practice (www.pearsonrealize.com), 

Tuesday,  11/15/16        HW #2

Complete Envision, p. 90.  Show all work neatly.

Monday, November 14, 2016       HW #1  ( 2nd Quarter Begins)

Complete "Division of Fractions" worksheet (both sides).

7th Grade Religion

Wednesday, 6/7/17  DUE FRIDAY

Complete religion work sheet...."Offense Against Married Life-Abortion. Answer using complete sentenes and strong supporting details.

Monday, 6/5/17

For those who did not complete essay....complete tonight on LOOSELEAF. See GoogleClassroom.

Friday, 6/2/17

 Complete Religion Essay Preparation assignment on Google Classroom.
 Complete on looseleaf or through Google classroom.

Thursday, 6/1/17

Complete "Offense Against Married Life- Contraception."  Answer with complete sentences and expand with strong supporting details. 

Wednesday, 5/31/17  

Complete Religion Final Review Part 2. Use complete sentences and part of the question on looseleaf. 

Tueday, 5/30/17   HW

Complete Religion Final Review Part 1.  

Tuesday, 5/30/17  Classwork

Complete "Goods of Marriage..." on Google Classroom.

Friday, 5/26/17

Complete "Marriage in Salvation History."  Complete questions using RACE and complete sentences on loose leaf. 

Tuesday, 5/23/6 E17  Due 5/25/17

Complete "Essential Truths" from Google Classroom on looseleaf and copy the Essential Truths in your notebook.

Thursday, 5/18/17

Complete worksheet on "Passions."

Tuesday, 5/17/17

Complete an incomplete work or notes.

Monday, 5/15/17

Read "Spousal Meaning of the Body..."  on Google Classroom. Answer the "Focus Questions & Reflection" through Google Classroom or on looseleaf.

Friday, 5/12/17 

Copy notes on Google Classroom.  Quiz on notes Monday, 5/15, from "Imago Dei," "Proper Use of Sexuality," Body Revealed, Inscrutable Divinity.

Wednesday, 5/10/17

Last call for Transubstantiation assignment on Google Classroom."

Tuesday, 5/9/17

Be prepared to write a reflection on "Image of the Inscrutable Divine Communion."
Questions should be complete on looseleaf.

Friday, 5/5/17

Complete "God is..."  worksheets, pg. 791-794.

Monday, 4/24/17

Prepare for assessment on sacraments and Stations of the Cross.
Review sketchpad for Marriage, Holy Orders, Anointing of Sick.

Tuesday, 4/11/17 #3

 Complete assignment on Google Classroom, "Transubstantiation," submit through Google Classroom. Due Thursday, 4/13/17.

Wednesday, 4/5/17  #1

Read and complete "A Story of Holy Orders,"  writing answers in complete sentences using RACE.

Friday, 3/31/17   HW #21

Complete worksheet on Marriage.

Thursday, 3/30/17  HW #20

Complete "The Graces of Marriage," using RACE and complete sentences.

Wednesday, 3/29/17   HW #19

Complete Stations of the Cross assignment on Google Classroom.

Monday, 3/27/17    HW #18

Complete "A Story of Matrimony," using complete sentences and RACE.  TO BE GRADED.

Thursday, 3/23/17   HW #17

Complete assignment on the Cathedral of Chartres posted on Google Classroom.

Wednesday, 3/22/17

Complete "Miraculous Healings...." using RACE and complete sentences.

Tuesday, 3/21/17

Complete "God's Mercy Revealed," using RACE ( restate question, answer, cite, and explain) and COMPLETE SENTENCES.

Monday, 3/20/17

Complete exercise on Google Classroom, "Return of the Prodigal Son."
Prepare for ASSESSMENT TOMORROW on  sacraments, signs and symbols of the sacraments, Lent, connection between the sacraments, how Jesus' sacrifice transformed suffering (these are just some of the points to focus on from your notes)

Friday, 3/17/17   

Complete A Story of Anointing of the Sick.  
Complete "Return of the Prodigal Son,"  Google Classroom.

Friday, 3/10/17

Sacrament Project Due.  Review answers to "A Story of Reconciliation" for grading.  Complete "Gifts of the Holy Spirit."  

Thurday, 3/9/17   


Wednesday, 3/8/17

Go to Google Classroom, 7th Grade Religion, Code: cfdh6zo  and begin Sacrament project.

Friday, 3/3/17    HW #10

 Read Our Daily Bread for Friday, 3/3/17 and Saturday or Sunday, 3/4 or 3/5.
Summarize the story, copy the scripture, and write 3 -5 sentence reflection  ALL NEATLY ON LOOSELEAF.  BE SURE TO LABLE SCRIPTURE, AUTHOR, CHAPTER, VERSES.


Wednesday, 3/1/17

Complete "Confirmation Prefigured," neatly.  ANYTHING ELSE IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Tuesday,  2/28//17   

 Read "Effects of Confirmation,"  know the following for a quiz:
1.  Why is there a close connection between Baptism and Confirmation?
2.  What does it mean to be consecrated?
3.   What does the laying of hands symbolize?
4.  Name  4 effects of the Sacrament of Confirmation.
5.  Briefly explain how the gifts of the Holy Spirit build your natural virtues.


Monday, 2/27/17   HW #7

Complete "The Story of Confirmation,"  questions on looseleaf using complete sentences that address and support the question.

Tuesday, 2/21/17    HW #6

Complete "The Story of Baptism," using complete sentences and citing the text when possible.

Thursday, 2/16/17   HW #5

View Sketchpad  by Sophia Institute for The Eucharist and Marriage.
Bullet 4 key ideas for both.

Tuesday, 2/14/17

Summarize what you learned from Sketchpad of baptism.

Monday, 2/13/17    HW #4

 Complete "Divine Revelation," and write Phil 4: 4-9 QUIZ,  Friday, 2/17.

Friday, 2/ 10/17

Read ODB for Wednesday, 2/8/17, "The Good, The Bad..."
 Summarize and explain how this helps you in reallife.
Write Phillipians 4: 4-9, quiz Friday, 2/17/17.

Tuesday, 2/7/17     HW #2

Summarize ODB, "Does it spark joy?" and explain how it relates to math.
Write Phillipians 4:4-9

Friday, 2/3/17     HW #1  (3rd Qtr)

Complete "Scripture & Tradition" and "Heroes of Faith,"
using RACE (complete sentences that restate the questions).

Thursday, 1/26/17   

Complete Spiritual Superhero worksheet.  The lines are a guide to the length of your response. 

Friday, 1/20/17               HW #25

Complete another essay of your choice from the handout.
Complete Spiritual Superhero group project (points deducted for lateness) and individual Spiritual Superhero worksheets.

Thursday, 1/19/17         HW#24

Complete "Dignity" essay. 

Wednesday, 1/18/17    HW #23

Prepare for Religion Midterm (SHORT ANSWERS).
Redo worksheet,"Gifts of the Holy Spirit," structured as the organizer

Tuesday, 1/17/17    HW #22

Correct Religion Test and redo Cardinal Virtues on looseleaf, use RACE.

Friday, 1/13/17        HW #21

 Spiritual Superhero activity due.
 Vocabulary quiz.

Thursday, 1/12/17      HW #20

 Complete "My Gifts," in complete sentences.  

Wednesday, 1/11/17  HW #19

Complete "How God Sees Us," using complete sentences.

Tuesday, 1/10/17   HW #18

Read John 1: 1-15.  Summarize what you understand.

Monday, 1/9/17    HW #17

Read worksheets....Introduction to Gospels. Highlight the main ideas of each paragraph. Write the main ideas (at least 1-2 sentences) for each paragraph in complete sentences.

Thursday, 1/5/17   HW #16

Complete Cardinal Virtues worksheet in complete sentences using RACE.

Wednesday, 1/4/17,   HW #15

Read "Gifts of the Holy Spirit," handout.  Highlight key details.  Complete the graphic organizer ON LOOSELEAF AS I MODELED.

Tuesday, 1/3/17   HW #15

Prepare for religion assessment.
Re-read ODB, "Not What It Seems," summarize and explain the instruction for you.

Tuesday, 12/20/16    

Revise and redo  Advent Journals.  Week of Hope, Faith, Joy, and Peace due 1/3/17.  NO JOURNALS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DUE DATE.

Thursday, 12/ 15/16 HW #14

 Redo worksheets:  Theological Virtues, Importance of Family.  Respond using    complete sentences and restating part of the question.

Wednesday, 12/ 14/16  HW #13

Complete the Focus Questions from today's advent reflection (Matthew 11:2-12). Answer in complete sentences using capital letters and proper punctuation. 

Monday, 12/ 12/16    HW #12

 Complete questions for Our Lady of Guadalupe.  (Go to:  www.archbalt.org Search "The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Choose PDF Fo rmat from results.

Friday, 12/9/16          HW #11

 Complete Ephesians 4 handout as well as Theological Virtues (will be graded).
 Complete Advent Journal:  Week of Faith, due  Monday, 12/12/16.

Thursday, 12/ 8/16  HW #10

 Complete "Theological Virtues. 
 Make an entry in Advent Journal:  Week of Faith.

Tuesday, 12/ 6/16     HW #9

Complete "Importance of Family," in complete sentences restating part of the question.  It will be graded. Also, complete reflection for Advent Journal, Day 3 of the Week of Faith.

Monday, 12/ 5/16       HW #8

 Complete commitments and reflection for Advent Journal: 12/ 4 and 12/5.
  Your work will be reviewed tomorrow.

Friday, 12/ 2/16      HW #7

Complete "Gospel Skit" questions.  Complete
Advent Journal:  Week of Hope, due Monday, 12/5/16

Tuesday, 11/29/16           HW #6

Copy Isaiah 11:1-2.  Review commentary by David Guzik and answer questions given in class.

Tuesday, 11/22/16          HW #5

Complete "Knowing Truth" worksheet in complete sentences.  It will be graded.

Monday, 11/21/16           HW #4

Study Romans 15: 1-7 Rewrite if necessary.
Read Ephesians 4:25-32.  Write 3 rules of life in your own words.

Wednesday, 11/16/16      HW #3 

 Complete "Conscience" activity.  

Tuesday, 11/15/16      HW #2

Revise your reflection of Romans 15: 1-7.  Re-write it on looseleaf and then write a second that discusses the important points of the scripture passage.

Monday, November 14, 2016           HW #1     (2nd Quarter Begins)

Read Romans 15: 1-7.  Explain what it means and how you can apply it to your life?
Revise answers to "Love and Use."



Math Final 
Friday, 6/9/17
Topics Include
Chapter 3:  Percents, Simple Interest, Mark Ups
Chapter 4:  Equations & Expressions
Chapter 5:  Solving Equation
Chapter 7:  Probability


Math Projects
Friday, 5/19:  Project Plan
Mon, 5/22:  Sketch

Wed., 5/24:  Name, Objective, Rules for Play
Thurs., 5/25:  Construction Complete
Fri., 5/26:  Project Submitted with



Religion Test 
Tuesday, 6/6/17